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Mezzosoprano (E below middle C up to C3, strong belt up to high F)


Fun Home                        Alison Bechdel                 Stockholm City Theater, Sweden

Sound of Music                Maria                              The Malmo Opera, Sweden

Cabaret                          Sally Bowles                     Malmo City Theater on tour, Sweden

Chess                             Florence                           Kristianstad Theater, Sweden

West Side Story               Anita                               The Gotheburg Opera, Sweden

Fiddler on the Roof           Hodel                              Stockholm City Theater, Sweden

American idiot                 Whatsername                   Cirkus Stockholm, Sweden

Spring Awakening            Wendla                           The Malmo Opera, Sweden

Les Misérables                  Eponine                           Det Ny Teater, Denmark

Blood Brothers                  Linda                               The Malmo Opera, Sweden

The Wedding Singer         Linda                               Wermland Opera, Sweden

West Side Story               Graziella                          Stockholm City Theater, Sweden

Hair                                Susannah                         Stockholm City Theater, Sweden


Jakten på Julia                 First runner up                    SVT, National TV

Sing Along                      Competitor                        TV3, Jarowskij


National TV, Print in Store, Canada Snow, Scorett fall/winter 2012, Lucky Punk, Sweden



Bachelor Degree, Musical Theater, Swedish Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Music Programme, DeGeer Upper Secondary School, Norrkoping, Sweden



Brainwork, Bodywork, Voicework and Fireworks – Workshop/Master Class with Tom Burke, NYC

Vocal Training Tania Travers, NYC, USA

Vocal Training Ulrika Uhlin, Stockholm Sweden

Vocal Training Helena Jonason, Stockholm Sweden

Vocal Training Derek Barnes, Gothenburg Sweden

The Clown's ABC - Workshop with 123 Schtunk, Sweden



Mezzosoprano/Soprano (E below middle C up to A2, strong belt up to high F)

Jazz dance (adv beg)

Horn in F (adv beg)

Swedish (Native Language)

Danish (adv beg) German (beg)

Drivers license, Experienced dog-owner 


Annalisa Ericson Stipendiet 2021

Konstnärsnämndens Projektbidrag 2019

Konstnärsnämndens Arbetsstipendium 2018

Tage Daniel Sällskapets Stipendium 2016

Anders Sandrews Stipendium 2013

Linköpings Kulturstipendium 2009

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